Fun at Tierras Altas


There is always something amazing to do in Tierras Altas, Enjoy the adventure


Strawberries Tour

Volcan is famous for its Strawberries, don’t miss the chance to visit a local farm and the newest cableway tour.

Enjoy the Taste

Visit local coffe Farms

How about a great tour, enjoying the most delicious coffees you’ll ever taste including Panama’s famous Geisha coffee.

Enjoy the Animals

Local Pony Farm

If you are a big fan of wild life then why not visit this beautiful animals. their beauty and kindness will surprise you.

Enjoy the Nature

Climb to the Volcano

Ask for the information!

Enjoy the majesty of this amizing experience, feel the Chiriqui breeze on your face. capture your moments on a high-definition camera. you will not regret it.